Keep Denton Loud Shirts Available for Preorder

Keep Denton Loud Shirts Available for Preorder


January 28th, 2013


Denton is home to hundreds of incredible bands across every genre imaginable. Walk into a bar on the square on any given night and you can take your pick of which live act to watch — by the end of the show you are bound to walk out a fan. So why is it that so many of these bands have never been heard of before?

Singularity Records is proud to launch the Keep Denton Loud movement. 20% of the proceeds of each shirt will go to supporting the Denton music scene in some way: by donating to music charities and organizations, by organizing local festivals to showcase new talent, and in the future by sponsoring local bands (winners chosen by vote).

Currently, 20% of the proceeds will go towards 35 Denton, a music festival run by volunteers here each year that gives local talent a great chance to play in front of large crowds.

Preorder the shirts from our Shop page.

One Comment

  1. Pete Sidoti says:

    The local music scene deserves our support.
    Check out The Tune Pilots! A local group with a classic vibe.